New Players on the World Stage

Data Visualization, Illustration


Interactive map uses tints to show the population of the provinces. Mouse-over of each province reveals GDP for the past 4 decades.

Created as one component for the essay “New Players on the World Stage” by Brookings fellow William Anthills, for longform journalism series The Brookings Essay . The piece, discussing the global influence of local governments in China and India also includes a companion map for India.

My roles for Brookings Essays No. 1 -10 (through Dec 2014) included graphic design, illustration, web development,  static and interactive charts, maps and data visualizations, photo research, and supplemental content research. All elements including interactive charts, maps, and timelines are ‘fluid responsive’.

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  • 'New Players on the World Stage' landing illustration

  • India Population/GDP map

  • China GDP/Population map