Monnet’s Brandy



Design and illustration for the essay “Monnet’s Brandy and Europe’s Fate” by Brookings President Strobe Talbott, for longform journalism series The Brookings Essay. Aesthetically, maybe my favorite of all of the Essays I created. The essay examined the Eurozone crisis through the filter of one of the EU’s chief architects, economist and diplomat Jean Monnet. I used engraving-like textures for the euro-note inspired illustration, and continued the currency theme in the body of the piece.

My roles for Brookings Essays No. 1 -10 (through Dec 2014) included graphic design, illustration, web development,  static and interactive charts, maps and data visualizations, photo research, and supplemental content research. All elements including interactive charts, maps, and timelines are ‘fluid responsive’.

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  • Landing Illustration: Brookings Essay "Monnet's Brandy and Europe's Fate"

  • screenshot: essay body