Marcia Underwood

‘Left Brain’ vs. ‘Right Brain’ has been debunked. Phew.  Liking my sketchbook won’t somehow make the all the code dribble out of my head or leave me unable to figure out a tip after all.

This lefty can use tools from both sides of the myth to help construct charts, graphics and interactive web features to explain concepts, set a tone, direct viewer flow, and guide understanding.

Formal training in design, illustration and typography are combined with sound foundational knowledge in physical and social sciences, and extensive experience in instructional, educational and information graphics. I’m experienced working with researchers to help visually explain the fruits of their labor - whether that means organizing criteria to help users explore polling data, or drawing the just the right curve on an octopus’ beak.

I’ve worked with John’s Hopkins University Press, Oxford University Press, Humana publishing, Perigee publishing, University of Arizona, Wake Forest University and others. BFA in Studio Art: Visual Communication Emphasis from the University of Arizona. Former Creative Design Lead at the Brookings Institution.